Baba Nanak Trust Foundation, BNT is an Edmonton-based community services society established in 2019 to meet the special needs of socially and psychologically vulnerable South Asians. BNT (pronounced Bay-N-Tee, a humble plea or an emotional prayer) is registered in Alberta as a non-profit organization and is seeking a charitable status

After consulting with a number of community groups and healthcare professionals, who have a deep insights of broad challenges and conflicts arising in the families, BNT determined that there is a vital need to raise awareness and address culturally sensitive mental health related issues that are root causes of potentially more significant health and social problems in our families.

Our Vision

Selfless service for the socially and psychologically vulnerable individuals in the South Asian Community.

Our Mission

Together, with trust and confidentiality, we help to enhance the lives of the isolated, abused, depressed, and underprivileged individuals in the South Asian community with culturally-oriented services.

Our Programs

Mental Health, Addiction and Connected Families.